Walking the Labyrinth

Standing on the edge,
on the outside looking in
the center calls to me,
the navel of the universe
the eye of the storm
the calm repose in the swirling chaos.

There, just there it is,
So near it seems,
there, just there, a few steps away
so I embark upon the journey
that I may soon rest within the center.

I walk the path
The path unfolds
I seek things out
I make decisions
I follow my feet
My life unfolds

I near the center
And feel the centeredness
My life make sense
It all comes together
Ah, that feeling of arrival
My journey nearly complete.

But there –
another bend in the path
I turn the corner
Led away from the center
Was it a necessity or a misstep?
What is this new quadrant
In which I find myself
How did I come to be here?

Finally, after all the false steps
The center again approaches,
There, just there it is
But a few steps away
How good it is to touch the center
Soon I will dwell within the center

But once more as it nears
There’s a bend in the path
a corner to be turned.
So close, so close…
I was there
this can’t be true
to be pulled away
led away yet again

Traveling in endless epicycles
The path makes it’s demands
trials and tribulations
must be traversed
the only way past the pain
is through the pain.

The pain of my choices
Create inviolable walls
Of unrelenting karma
I cannot cheat the labyrinth
each step must be taken
despite the anguish

Is there no way out
Of these endless epicycles?
Will this winding path
take a lifetime to unfold,
until, at the closing moment
will I finally reach the center?

Traveling physically,
The only way through our karma
is to transact it, each step must be taken
Traveling metaphysically,
Our karma is released
We transcend the walls of the labyrinth

Forming wormholes
Through the inviolable walls
From the swirling edge of the maelstrom
to the center of the universe
The shortest distance
Between two points…

Enter into Spirit
We are translocated
We arrive at the center
Then, Departing Spirit
we make the quantum leaps,
leap ahead on the path
entire epicycles erased from necessity.

Dwell within Spirit
And we dwell within the center
We are in the labyrinth,
But not of it.

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