Waxing and Waning

New moon

Emerging from their covert coupling
in the clear blue sky
The Moon,
only after her lover has left,
begins to show her face.

That silver arc, the bow of Artemis,
drawn, taut-passioned
flings stolen arrows of Eros,
like blowing kisses
to her departing lover.
Sorrow sweet and sublime

Each day their circuits
take them further and further
from their lovers’ sides.
Until from opposite ends of the earth
they stare back at each other
across the vacuum of space.

Then their tides turn,
And Nearer and nearer,
their circuits bring them.
Attentive to her lover,
the moon again turns her face
away from the earth.

Once more, her bow is drawn
enticing her approaching lover
with gleaming arrows
and far-flung kisses.
Yearning sweet and sublime.

Then, lost in the light of day
they mount the sky together
ride in ecstasy its length
with never a hint to the earth,
unless their love so completely align
it eclipses all below.




16 thoughts on “Waxing and Waning

  1. this one of those oh WOW ones for me…
    as I always feel such sadness when I think of the parting of eternal lovers
    each their lives in another realm of energy that is their charge….
    though one has to smile as they take in the magnitude of a love so profound
    that stands the test of time since before time…
    Thank you for sharing such beauty within sadness that encourages hope…..
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Thank you. One never knows if an extended metaphor will work or not…there is a poignant truth in this one, one that I know too well, but to tease out that poignancy and capture it in words – one doubts that one’s soul is lofty enough. Very pleased that it touched you.

  2. I’ve blessed myself today by taking some time to further peruse your blog.
    Do you know what happened? Well, after it unsparingly evoked so much resonating emotion, this particular poem asked permission to endlessly and completely haunt me…. and I said yes. ~Thank you for sharing, my friend.

  3. Beautiful – to me, this actually soothed some of the sadness of lovers parting, it seemed to empower each of them to their own personal journeys, confident of the return and reinvigortaed in their reunion. Poignant, tender but ultimately liberating – oh, my! To ever know a love so grand!

    • Amy, I can see why you’re so good with interpreting dreams. You are always able to recognize and articulate unspoken meanings in metaphors. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words. May we all find such a love…

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