Leaves of Last Season


Reunited once more
in their reflections
upon the still water
are the trees
and the leaves
that were parted
when their season
came to a close.

Leaves, lamenting their fall
would cling once more
to their high estate.
Trees, lamenting their loss
would claim once more
the life they cherished.
Though Trees and leaves both
surrender to the new growth
which cannot be denied.


7 thoughts on “Leaves of Last Season

    • I’m not on twitter. Very honored that you would want to link some of my pictures. Not entirely sure how that works? Actually, don’t know at all how that works!

      • If you started a twitter account, every time you post here, it could then also turn into a ‘tweet’ that can be retweeted to others’ followers. It’s a way to connect and share. Like doing a ‘reblog’. I just have many fellow tweeters, like 3k, and I share great stuff with them. Just a thought…blessings…

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