A Thought for your Penny



There is the old saying, “A penny for your thoughts”.   But of course, a penny is no long worth much of anything these days, and so years ago I transposed the saying to:

“A thought for your penny” ~  I use the saying this way:  each time I find a penny lying on the ground, I look at the year the penny was minted and recall how old I was that year, where I was living, and what was important to me at the time.   Applying it this way,  it calls to mind a time or an event in one’s life that one wouldn’t otherwise have had the occasion to recollect.  Some times nothing of note stands out, but most times it’s like getting a free bit of nostalgia ~ a cherished memory or significant event or life lesson comes forward to be relived.  In any case, it’s always a fun game to play and makes  bending down to pick up the penny worth the effort!


Why am I writing about this now?  Minutes ago a friend called asking for help; she needed to come up with an idea for a workshop to teach next month.  As we were talking something caught my eye on the sidewalk.  Looking down, the sun was shining upon this penny:




So without explaining why, I changed the subject and asked her where she was in 1979 and what was important to her then.   She shared a few things and, building upon that, within a few moments I had sketched out a theme and an outline for a workshop that she was thrilled with and that was in alignment with her own current process.

I then explained my “thought for your penny” concept, why I asked about 1979, and how that led to the workshop idea.   We both thought the chain of events was pretty cool.

I invite you to try this quaint little exercise and see what memories your pennies bring you.


p.s.   ~ this also works for nickels, dimes, and quarters, but one should ponder if the increased value of the coin suggests an increased significance of the message one receives.  : )


17 thoughts on “A Thought for your Penny

  1. if I didn’t Believe in synchronicity I would now LOLs
    I was out rounding up the geese this morning and on a back country road where I live I found a penny,, I always sense its meant for me to pause, some say a penny from heaven and someone on the otherside wanted you to know they were thinking of you…
    I didn’t even look at the date, but I will from now on..Your “thought for a penny” is a wonderful thought to have……I like that….
    your 1979 brought back a rush of thoughts…i was in the Army, stationed at Ft Carson Colorado…so many changes happened that year for me…some sad, some unwanted and some very wanted…
    a good year though because I learned who I was and what was important to me…
    Thank you..this is a very special post …
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Remarkable synchronicity, maryrose, but it leads to a much bigger one! …. In 1979 I lived in Colorado Springs and worked for the Young Adult Conservation Corp with the CO Division of Wildlife. I worked at a place I believe was called Hannah Ranch. If I remember correctly, from there we could hear the artillery fire from Ft Carson. I believe I was on the military grounds a time or two for some wildlife capture efforts. We were probably within a stones throw of each other back then! Wow. thanks so much for commenting ~ isn’t remarkable what we discover when we share our own stories – we find out how connected our lives are, that our stories are the stories of others as well. Remarkable.

      • oh now this makes me smile LOLs…
        I started rescuing animals when I was stationed there……I have done it all my life it seems, but there I really focused on it, for I met the most amazing creature, a Siberian Husky That was afraid of fir, he had been trapped in one as he worked with the fire rangers , I took him for a year til a family I met walking him fell in love instantly , their daughter said he came to find her..and watching them I truly believed it…after making sure ..I let him go, broke my heart, but if you saw him with that young grl you would understand….
        so after many years and many of Gaia’s children,I have slowly let go in the past two years, I am tired and need a break…I care for the ones I have come to me on my little space here,

        I love this synchronicity ! you have made me feel more than you know, Thank you for that and your kindness….

        • Such a touching story. I trust that Gaia blesses you abundantly for the abundant love you have shown her children. I agree, this has been a wonderful synchronicity. A warm embrace to you…

  2. What a wonderful idea. My mother taught me that whenever I saw a penny on the ground to pick it and be thankful that I have enough money for my needs. A friend later added to this: be grateful and then give your penny away to a stranger wishing them luck 🙂

  3. What a lovely thing to do…I was brought up that pennies were messages from angels. I was also brought up to question my response when things got tough. Always to ask ‘Will this matter in ten years time?’ It taught me to ensure that I tucked away good heart memories and didn’t fret about ‘stuff’. Thank you for this, you have sparked a fire with this one. x

    • Thank you Jane! And thanks for expanding this conversation even further. I continue to be astonished how much value these most under-valued of coins bring to peoples’ lives. Such a lesson. As they say, it’s the little things that count…who knew that included pennies!

  4. Hi Cnawan…so nice to meet you. I’m exploring your blog and I have to say I can feel your peaceful energy…LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by my blog…hope you find something that stirs your heart. I have spent a lifetime picking up pennies…but only “heads up” pennies. From now on I will look at the dates and have a stroll down memory lane! Thank you! 🙂

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