Great Blue Heron



I had some wonderful encounters with Great Blue Herons on my walk this morning.



The Great Blue Heron is a master of patience and stealth. It will stand motionless for long periods, waiting for a fish to swim by.  When one does, the heron strikes with lightning swiftness to spear its food.  And if ever one were looking for a model for doing a walking meditation, the heron is it.  Its movements are a study in mindfulness.


the Heron teaches us these things:

~ the value of simply waiting in expectation and meditative stillness until the universe brings the object of our desire into view

~ when an opportunity presents itself, act swiftly, without hesitation

~ moving slowly with great attention, enabling one to watch more closely and so as to not disturb the flow around us

~ On another level:   the Heron does not plunge into the water, but stares into it from above.  One could immerse themselves  into the their emotions to experience them or, using the Heron as a symbol, one could take a removed stance and study them with the mind, searching for what actually feeds and sustains one in the moment.


Regrettably, this video from the morning is not clear enough to show the mindful purpose with which the heron articulates its legs as it walks, but one can still get a sense of how it moves.

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