The Hero’s Journey


Saw this movie, Finding Joe, last night.   Highly recommend it.  So excellent.

Pretty big synchronicity as well, for recently I have been thinking very seriously about reading “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” .

This meshes so well with my own current journey, and my playful – yet autobiographical – series of blog posts: Quest of the Knight Errant.

Actually, I had better read the book so as to find out which chapter of my journey I’m in.   Would be so good to know where I’m at!   : )

One thought on “The Hero’s Journey

  1. Reblogged this on Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons and commented:
    This is profound. Everyone needs a hero. I learned who my hero was twenty-two years ago. My eyes welled with tears while I pushed the plunger to give my frail six year-old son an insulin shot. His innocent voice stated, “Mommy, tomorrow when I go home from the hospital, I won’t need any more shots!” The trailer to this movie is for everyone. Who is your hero?

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