To find oneself, one must first lose oneself


One wonders to what enchanted garden

a path so marked with such a cautionary sign might lead…




…as it did seem that there was some bewitchment afoot,

with such a profusion of bright flowers blossoming in the shade…


10 thoughts on “To find oneself, one must first lose oneself

  1. as I wandered in the photos I thought
    who ever shared the words must surely be blooming where they are
    so did they find their self, I do Believe so…
    words of wisdom and bewitching thoughts indeed you shared…Thank you…
    I really like that sign….
    Take Care…You Matter…and Thank you for the smile 🙂

    • Yes, I agree… the entire scene does suggest that they have faithfully followed their own path and have truly found themselves… I may have to knock on their door someday…

    • It is such a delightful yard! I am always so taken by the great works of beauty that people lovingly create in their yards. Their efforts are such a gift to all who pass by.

      • Isn’t it amazing what people create when they follow their passion? Not anything like someone else’s creation, not done by another rules or path…but sparked by their own imagination, their own unique voice, vision and talent…some may not know what they are seeing, they are just drawn to it. Others know in the seeing that they are viewing a work of love from the heart and soul. x

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