Sunrise Qi Gong : Being the Grail


Once again exploring the theme of the Holy Grail as a metaphor for the Human Soul…


Watching the sun rise this morning…



While standing upon this dock….



I began going through the Qi Gong series of movements called “Harmony of Universal Energy”

~ at one stage of the series, one is standing with legs spread, gathering energy as one slowly raises one’s arms, pausing for a moment at the apex with hands fully upraised to the sky, forming a Vee with one’s arms ~

as I was going through these motions I realized that I was standing in the form of a chalice, in the form of the Grail, which was mirrored by the rising sun and its reflection upon water…


and felt the sublime experience of being the individual Grail, face to face with the Universal Grail, of being the individual Spirit face to face with the Absolute Spirit, of being the Microcosm face to face with the Macrocosm…. a moment of Universal Harmony.


the picture at top is from the website:




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