Finding your Light



Yesterday I found my Light!  Actually, I found the flashlight on my iPhone.  I stumbled upon it quite by accident, and was quite delighted by the discovery.  It strikes me that this can serve as a rather playful metaphor for finding one’s inner light.

I’ve had the phone for months and was perhaps informed that it had a flashlight, but I never thought about it and never looked for it.  Had I known how to access it, it would have come in handy on many dark occasions.   Finding the hidden screen that enables me to access it came as a minor revelation.  I was elated to turn it on.

I’ve had my inner light my entire life, and have been informed in various ways that I possessed such a light, but there have been times and phases in my life that I didn’t think about it or neglected to look for it.  Had I known how, or thought to access it, how many of my dark moods and experiences could have been lifted? Learning simple spiritual technologies to access my inner light have been revelations.  Turning inward and accessing it can shift me from despair to elation.

Now, if I could find the hidden screen on my iPhone that would teleport me somewhere, say California, for example….






17 thoughts on “Finding your Light

  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Profound. Also my response to anyone emailing me that they are afraid from my 6/14/14 post … which, as I mentioned, is not any kind of firm prediction of doom and gloom or sudden liberation, just the sharing of a dream and some general observations. 🙂 We are in frequency specific times. Find your Light!

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  4. Excellent metaphor! It made me smile, I would love an app that could help me raise my consciousness 🙂 As for lovely California… Fortunately, I have no need to be taken to where I already am… except maybe figuratively.

    • If you’re going to San Francisco,
      be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

      Looks like you’re on your way…

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