Procreation & Co-Creation ~ An Adult Conversation…


There are many positions from which to explore the relationship of sexual ecstasy and spiritual ecstasy; though, for this tryst, I’d like to expand upon just one angle ~  how the act of procreation gives us insight into the act of co-creation.

The impulse that gives rise to this intimate discourse is the coupling of two subjects from my recent posts:  “Peace to the 3rd Power” and the climax from the article that I reblogged, “The World is like a Divine language.”

In my post, I told of my serendipitous encounters with three peace signs, each one bringing peace to a deeper level of my being.   In the other  post, the conclusion reached is that:   ” … if the world is the result of the Divine Word offered at the beginning of time, then nature in its entirety can be taken as a symbol of supernatural reality.”

Looking at these two thoughts together, perhaps it is no accident that many incantations and invocations are done in repetitions of three. Likewise, perhaps it is no accident that we say “the third time’s a charm”. For these both mirror the thrice-fold nature of procreation.

In procreation there are three instances of penetration, and three corresponding instances of enfoldment, that take place: the phallus penetrates the vagina, the semen penetrates the cervix, and the sperm penetrates the egg.   In this final phenomenon there is a consummate merging that results in the miracle of conception.

Looking at this aspect of nature as “a symbol of supernatural reality”, for us to bring our intentions to fruition, the same must occur.  Our awareness must penetrate 3 layers of being, to that place where there is a consummate merging of our Individual Soul and the Absolute Soul.  Of the many intentions that we carry with us, for those to which we have given the greatest energy there will a final phenomenon in which there is a merging or our seminal desire and the Creatrix that results in the miracle of inception.



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