Evening Breeze ~ Summer Wind

Neha, over at http://www.ForgottenMeadows.wordpress.com, is doing another one of her wonderful collaborative posts.

Her prompting photo this time around is this quintessential picture of a summer wind in the tree leaves.


for the rest of the prompt and instructions, see her post here:


Here is a slight edit of my contribution:

Evening Breeze ~ Summer Wind

Evening breeze
on a moonless night
wafting about
teasing my skin
with its soft caresses
so temperate
so beguiling
intimated itself
into my very being
charmed my soul
out of my unsuspecting body
carried me into the ethers
across the star-lit globe.
Met the dawn
nestled among
the magenta clouds.
Traveling with the rising sun
on rising gusts
gushed across
the wide open spaces.
In the warmth and glow
of the after-noon
encountered the fringe
of the forests –
wind in the trees
felt the rustle of leaves
like the rushing of waters
in the fluttering of my heart.


picture at top is from:  http://frozenpanache.blog.com/2011/05/08/feeling-the-wind/

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