Crimson Dawn

The gray dawn
of an overcast life
brings another day
beneath the shroud
of sorrow.

But to part the clouds
to find that inner light
and cast it upon the pain
transmutes grief to glory.

Every poignant tale
that pangs the heart
with colors of emotion
is born of alchemy
when someone let the sun shine
upon their clouds of sorrow.

18 thoughts on “Crimson Dawn

  1. yes the light of love…I call it lifting the veil..glad I had a change to check out your blog before i go on vacation…awesome to read this! Heart to heart Robyn

    • Thank you, Lorrie! Don’t know if you have clicked on the picture, but the colors really come alive when it’s directly on one’s computer screen rather than in the post. Blessings!

  2. What an amazing picture! I resonate with the words. Whatever dark, heavy, dramatic or colored clouds of emotion roll through our perceptions, underneath is crystalline clarity, unchanged.

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