Return to Raspberry Landing

A sure sign that the time to return was ripe
for the raspberries were
at Raspberry Landing.

This rustic lodge
upon the mystic waters
of the wild and heathen Saint Croix
Where once I taught the mysteries
of Earth and Wind and Fire and Water.
Opened portals

that others may travel
between the worlds.

Quantum Entanglement
draws me back
after so many long years.

Walking paths I knew not
encountering ruins
that were ruined
before my time.

A wishing well
though silted full
granting wishes still.

Built alongside gushing brook
and ancient waterstone walls
that once held pools serene
now toppled over
IMG_2237ย  ย ย IMG_2258
torn down by torrents
that would not abide constraint
no matter how serene
on their way to the wild Saint Croix.

A walk upstream
tracing back the Flow
along muddy banks

and plunging falls in miniature

and ace of spade succulents
and always a damsel
or damsel fly

To contemplate once more
all the many roads
not taken

19 thoughts on “Return to Raspberry Landing

  1. Ah, what a wonderful walk through nature and memories you shared here! “To contemplate once more — all the roads not taken”. How that resonated with me at this point in my life. When I am looking over my own roads not taken.

    Take heart, though. There are still new roads to be taken.


  2. My first thought in reading was that the “plunging fall in miniature” was a bird – first glance. Lovely walk. Many have taken it with you, virtually. You’re never really alone when you’re in the woods.

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