It Dwells Within Itself

to dwell within the church of self
massive structure of gravitas
settled into the ground
no lofty aspirations
no aching spires
striving for the heavens
sufficient, in this moment
a sanctuary of stolid being
to kneel in contemplation
of the inertial mysteries
walls stone thick
withstand any assault
peace impenetrable
silent as a tomb
enveloping as a womb
rooted to the very earth
ceilings just high enough
to encompass the soul

* * *

Nature has long been my inspiration, my temple, my church, my chapel, my cathedral, and I have worshipped and met my maker in the most minute chambers and in the grandest of vistas.

But still, one is moved by sacred structures made of human hands and ingenuity. They offer a unique and important portal to the divine, for in their construction they interpose in a holy space between The Creation and The Creator, the creation of man.

Man, creating from the very elements of The Creation, with the inspiration of the Creator, for the purpose of reaching unto, or reaching into, The Creator. Each of these portals, an embodiment of one vision of the divine. To capture this thought, indulge me in the coining of a phrase: Creationship ~ to engage in the building of, or the use of, sacred architecture that follows an inspired design, to access the divine.

And thus we have: Creation~Creationship~Creator.

Years ago, in a German Kultur course, I studied German church architecture. When studying the “FruhRomanik”, the Pre-Romanesque period, there was a phrase which describes the “feel” of that massive but grounded architectural style that I will always remember, “es wohnt in sich” ~ “it dwells within itself”.

I periodically encounter churches that call to mind this sense of divine worship.

There are many ways to “just be”.

This is one of them.

Explore the Great Mystery ~

22 thoughts on “It Dwells Within Itself

  1. Lovely thoughts to contemplate. My daughter is currently studying in Berlin and their language encompasses spirituality in a wonderful manner.

  2. Fascinating. While not a follower of organized religion requiring weekly entrance into such a dwelling, I enjoy visiting places of worship. From the grand cathedrals of Europe to the little white clapboard churches in my native South, they all have something in common – the scent. There’s a dusty wonderful sweet scent, the same scent, in every church I’ve visited. It’s a comfort. The scent of my Maker. This is a wonderful post – I’ll carry it with me all day, and then some.

  3. What an interesting post. I live opposite a medieval church (since restored) in Central London and it is one of the most amazing pieces of archtecture in the area. Always makes me marvel at how beautiful these buildings were when created so long ago and using fairly basic building methods. I am always moved by sacred structures – there is something about them that seems so quiet and so serene.

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