Gooseberry Falls State Park

As the Gooseberry River flows into Lake Superior, it plummets down 3 tiers of falls…

the upper falls…

the middle falls…

and the lower falls, which is split in 2, by a massive rock wall…

a Faerie Cairn found at the mouth of the river…

(be sure to click on the pictures for better images)

will try to insert some videos..not sure that they will work:

6 thoughts on “Gooseberry Falls State Park

  1. You sure took me away. Gorgeous shots, Cnawan! Yes they are different from mine, but this is your style. The whole time I viewed the video, my “artist eye” started looking for areas to shoot. I just can’t help myself. LOL It just happens. Too funny!!! Thank you so much for alerting me about these falls …. I am only checking comments today, officially not blogging. But I am really glad I came over here. (((HUGS))) Amy

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