13 thoughts on “All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Eccentrics

    • Yes, I just encountered today myself. It is one of the statements that is both so simple and yet so profound that its truth is just stunning.

    • Excellent question! One for which I do not have an answer off the top of my head. Will get back to you once I collect my thoughts.

        • Cloudwatcher, my apologies. I have been remiss in getting back to you. It is a difficult question that has some simple answers ~ Paulo Coelho, in his book The Alchemist”, says this it is where your enthusiasm lies. Others say in lies in the most cherished dreams one held in childhood. Joseph Campbell says to “follow your bliss”. What give you joy just to do it, without further reward? What is one’s greatest talent? What would one do all day, even if one weren’t paid for it. What is one incessantly drawn to? A difficulty can arise in answering these questions if one has had a life in which one’s gifts were invalidated or denigrated, so that there is a distance between one’s awareness and one’s ability. In such a case, a psychologist once said, that your life’s calling springs from your life’s deepest wound. If one has difficulty in identifying one’s gift, a simple answer will not suffice, but one must seek assistance in identifying it. I regret not being of more help, but I don’t want to minimize the import of your question. I send you sincere prayers that you may discover a way to discover your gift. Warmest blessings, Cnawan.

  1. That’s a great quote. It reflects the oneness/interrelationship of us all. (Even though Picasso didn’t seem to incorporate that sense of oneness in his romantic relationships. Too bad.)

    • Very incisive observation. I had “felt” this, but had not articulated it. So thanks for the help!

      When it comes to his personal life, I guess I’m not at all familiar with it. Regrettable that brilliance and/or creativity are so often not correlated with romantic constancy.

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