16 thoughts on “Happy Equinox!

  1. I am a friend of Tania’s, who shared your site with me. I want to, from my heart, thank you for the beautiful gift of these pictures this day. Thank you for getting up so early to take them. It makes me suffused with light and love. I am truly grateful to you. Heart to Heart, Mari Braveheart-Dances

    • Mari, thank you so much for those exceptionally kind words! I am so happy that the pictures touched you. And a big thanks to Tania for relaying them to you. It is such a gift to share the beauty of the sunrise with others that appreciate it. Warm blessings!

  2. Cnawan – Yes, Tania is a wonderful and beautiful sister, and I appreciated her sharing your site with me. I’m now on to receive them straightaway, which is quite lovely. I can think of no thing I would rather have done this morning than to do as you did and see the sunrise firsthand. Second to that is getting to see your pictures. Again, a heartfelt thankyou. Peace, Mari

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