Summer Kisses Autumn


Embrace this transition

and all those that follow

there is a beauty to behold

there is a grace that is granted

in every season of life

we need only adopt our vision

and the rhythm of our dance






17 thoughts on “Summer Kisses Autumn

    • As always, your post is elegantly written and gently unfolds its insights. A wonderful read…I encourage everyone to visit Tania’s blog to receive a full explication of today’s theme….

  1. Thanks for your follow! I came by curious to check out your blog and liked what I saw. I love your depictions of nature which speak of deep immersion therein. I’m also interested in themes of nature and spirituality so will also follow and drop in from time to time. i love every season (except when winter lasts too long) and enjoy watching the signs of their coming. I’m a restless sort and would be bored were it always the same.

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