Nazca Lines of Kazakhstan

More Than 50 Geoglyphs Discovered

More than 50 geoglyphs with various shapes and sizes, including a massive swastika, have been discovered across northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia, say archaeologists.

These sprawling structures, mostly earthen mounds, create the type of landscape art most famously seen in the Nazca region of Peru.

Discovered using Google Earth, the geoglyphs are designed in a variety of geometric shapes, including squares, rings, crosses and swastikas (the swastika is a design that was used in ancient times). Ranging from 90 to 400 meters (295 to 1,312 feet) in diameter, some of them are longer than a modern-day aircraft carrier. Researchers say that the geoglyphs are difficult to see on the ground, but can easily be seen from the sky.

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16 thoughts on “Nazca Lines of Kazakhstan

    • Indeed it does. When taken together, all the many ancient glyphs and remarkable structures, it is truly awe-inspiring the legacy that has been left for us to puzzle over. Are you familiar with the other remarkable site in that region of the world, Gobekli Tepe?

    • Of your 3 sentences, I can best respond to the first: Yes, it is really interesting! Regarding its full significance and what they meant to the ancients that built them – at this moment I do not even presume to guess. But perhaps I’ll do a journey and inquire. If anything of remote interest comes to me I will let you know! That being said ~ What I find interesting is that the word “Swastika” is used here only for convenience, because that symbol has 4 arms. This symbols has 3, and so is closer to a “Triskelion”, but is almost a blend between those 2 symbols. But this glyph moves from 3 to 6 arms. The Triskelion itself suggests motion from one phase to another and could represent any tripartite grouping: Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer – maiden, mother, crone – mind, body, spirit, etc. if this were an ancient “Aryan” symbol then that first triplet is interesting. But each arm branches into 2, so is there a male and female pairing of these triplets? This is where my thoughts have gone…, but no further….thank you for asking though, for now I’m pondering…

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