22 thoughts on “Death’s Head

  1. Re: Death’s Head
    I recently came across a well used meditation technique that might vary from philosophy to philosophy – explorer to explorer, it was about meditating upon the skeleton (that’s the first part) you reach into your body and imagine all your bones lit up with a luminescence… the meditation continues with imagining your flesh decomposing and then dissolving your bones.

    So that tree base resonates with this self at this time…..

    Before I came across the “formal teachings” about this technique, I had quite spontaneously started working with it myself…. with amazing results. My interpretation (vai insights) was that the bones are the Earth element of the body, so they are the slowest to change? Memories are stored for longer within their (earth) cells? So, in processes of transformation if I am a cell of Gaia, by transforming the cells within this form that relate to the element of earth, I am assisting in Gaia’s renewal (at least that is the interpretation, intention I work with).

    More than that – the technique is utterly amazing in it’s transformative Power, at least the “teeny weensy bit I have explored”.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of this, CDancer. I have done some similar meditations myself, and I’m sure others will benefit from your info. The interesting thing for me with this encounter was that the content of my “Sin Eater” post (you might enjoy reading that if you haven’t already) came back to me as I was pondering this visage. And so I did some meditations around that, reflecting on what “sins of the world” (i.e. events in the news or actions of acquaintances) had taken up residence in my psyche and were causing me distress. And so I “processed” and released those into the earth. So again, death considered as a natural part of the cycle, as a redeeming figure, of purging, of releasing the negative. Thank you again for initiating this conversation.

    • An Autumnal vibe was definitely in the air! But, interesting enough, this park, which consists mainly of oaks, was still almost entirely green. I feel a draw to return here for more autumnal meditations.

      • Yes…share what you see with us, please 🙂
        I went to the Redwoods yesterday with my family and although beautiful as ever, it was mostly green there as well. Though the vineyards on the way there were deliciously half decked out in fall colored trappings.

        • Sounds wonderful. Reminds me of a certain chastisement a rather gruff German instructor of mine repeatedly gave me when my mind would leap ahead, making intuitive linguistic observations or connections that were beyond my supposed level of fluency: “Herr Fahey, one must first labor in the vineyards before one may drink the wine!” Though I always sensed a certain grudging respect for my insights. And his words never did sink in, but I drank deeply, nonetheless.

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