So Much Loveliness

From far flung cities
solitary composers
each transcribing the heavenly notes
of their transcendental hearts
their individual stanzas
woven together
within the Net of Indra
play together
like the tuning of the orchestra
a poignant violin strain here
a fanfare trumpet there
a melancholy oboe
a glissando harp
a sonorous cello
a resonance
a reverberation
a harmony
an arrangement
improvised and improbable
pleasing the ear
of the grand conductor
who feels no need
to raise his baton

10 thoughts on “So Much Loveliness

  1. It is clear that the person who wrote this is someone who is well-acquainted with the natural world. Because that is where the symphony and the orchestra of life originate, where the ability to define so precisely and beautifully comes from. You connect the natural world with the people world, and I see it is second nature to you. Thank you, my brother, for being a bridge in this poetic way. Mari

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