Autumn’s Muse

until even the gravel ends
in needled paths
immersed in worlds
boreal and arboreal
the evergreens are ever green
but the tamaracks are smokey gold
breathing comes as natural
as inspiration

the quaking aspen
gracefully sheds its leaves
with each coaxing breeze
because to cling to life
that has already passed
would be to die
but to surrender
to the underworld of dormancy
ensures another rebirth

until even the gravel ends
a homecoming to the wilds
where there is no habitation
a fire amidst the firs
a hearth for my heart
but for the hand
that is not in mine
but I am ever green
and ever dying

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21 thoughts on “Autumn’s Muse

  1. What is loss must be grieved, even as new life appears. I am happy for your joy, and sorry for your loss. Thank you for the picture and beautiful poem. Blessings, Mari

  2. I love this……….

    carried by the whippoorwill
    sheltered by the pine
    where I was found
    within the place
    of dreams
    a winter grace
    loved as one December
    you spoke to me
    of spring

    • Such an honor, Bobbie…
      I so admire your extraordinary talent….

      visions imparted by her
      sweet verses
      and beguiling
      as an autumn mist

  3. Nothing like aspens in the fall. My Pa lived in Colorado I always loved visiting so we could walk Fall! Most of everyhting I know about the land, the mountains and nature I learned from my Pa. Autumn smells like him! My Daughter says the same thing! Smells like GPa! Funny how season remind us of loved ones! You tree photo reminded me instantly of Colorado mountains! I’ll miss watching Fall happen there!
    Winter is my favorite next to Fall, I love the quiet time! Ok I sneaked on in before I fly out of the house!
    Love this it made me think of my Pa! I also caught the last line about I am ever green ever dying! I identify with that in the sense that part of what I thought was so does a little each day and new truths are born when I let go of old ones! Kinda neat!
    Your writing is like a whisper! I feel reverent when I read it like I’m in your world!
    Wow now that’s some talent!

    • Michelle, thanks for sharing the reminiscence for thank so much for your kind words. I really like that you feel reverent when you read my stuff. I had never thought of it that way, but a sense of reverence is certainly one of the places that I write from. So thank you for articulating that!

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