44 thoughts on “Autumn at the Lake

    • Interesting ~ Tania Marie said the same thing! And yes, they really spoke to me as well. So suggestive of flying above the curvature of the earth to catch the light ~ though the sun may be setting, one can soar higher.

    • Thank you, Debra. The autumn sky in Minnesota is just that ~ so sublime. Now I’m feeling it again, so thank you for calling attention to that. Nice catch on the name!!!

  1. Une balade automnale de tout beauté, il manque juste une barque pour que le bonheur soit complet … 😉 Très belle série de photos, merci ! Bonne journée Cnawan.

    • I have read that, to maintain their equanimity in such close quarters, they spend their winters grooming each other. Enjoying a 4 month spa ~ sounds better than hibernating!

  2. Wow! Your Autumn looks a lot like mine! That 2nd photo I feel like I’ve been there! I’ll post mine tomorrow and let you be the judge! Nice Autumn! Great place to rest my eyes!

    • So…since the upper latitude of Massachusetts (who the heck can spell that?) of 42*53′ does not reach the bottom latitude of Minnesota (such an elegant spelling) of 43*30′, I would suggest that the former is barely a reasonable facsimile of the latter.

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