20 thoughts on “Autumn Lake ~ Day 22

  1. these are all stunning…i really like the two water reflections, the path that leads to the abundant burnt red tree, the last one where the trees seem to melt into the water, but there’s something about the 4th one with the leafless tree bending toward the darker area haloed in light and then the vibrant light at the other end that draws me

    • Thank you for taking the time to drink them all in, and for all your lovely comments. I agree, that fourth has a lot of dimension to it. It was very rewarding experimenting with the different ways of framing the scenes, bringing out what was there. So much beauty…

  2. I am sitting here, having looked at these beautiful pictures once, then again – my tears are falling steadily down my face. I am sobbing. I am profoundly moved. Also, I think what an unrepeatable gift you give by sharing these remarkable gifts of photographed beauty. You are an artist. The point is – thank you. – I love them all. The tree curving to the left, its reflection making a giant parenthesis, shades what is in its curve, protecting. The vibrant red of the tree near the path, the vivid orange at the top of one tree, the water a soothing contrast to the high drama on the land, the sliver pictures showing the more subtle colors and the other the more vivid. I love the willows (?) on each end of the last pictures, one in the middle, and the brilliant oranges and reds on the trees in-between. – I have nothing to offer as thank you except my tears which express how full I am. Without them, I would keep all my joy and heart-movement inside. Now I overflow. Thank you, Cnawan.

  3. What truly heartwarming photos. Autumn has always felt so rich and vibrant to me despite it being the precursor to the coming winter. I much prefer the majesty of the trees in their autumnal cloaks…seeing them reflected along the water’s edge is double the visual treat.
    I miss autumn (still), so many thanks for the memories… now I can dream of rambling through golden and russet carpets which crackle underfoot. 😊
    Blessings Susan

    • Thank you so much, Susan, for the lovely comments! It seems to me that, because the high beauty of autumn does fall into winter, unlike the high beauty of spring, which flows into summer, it feels all the more fleeting, all the more transient, and is of course a final exclamation of beauty before the the barrenness of winter, so we cherish it even more than the blossoms of spring.

      • It also reminds me that beauty is still there, should we be willing to search for it in the harder times. There will always be beauty for those who look with eyes open to the world.
        Finding the colour in our life has the ability to lift the spirit….. I find that a comfort in any season, even the depths of winter.

    • I know just how you feel. Every time I read your blog I do in fact abandon my knitting needles, crochet hooks (both illuminated and non) and other fibre arts watchamacallits!

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  5. SS = simply splendid, Sir! I’m agréablement surprise ’cause my friends who live about 45′-drive from Québec-Ville have a lake that looks exactly like yours… 🙂 oui, je sais que le monde est petit dans la Belle Province… 🙂 bonne fin de semaine et amicales pensées, Mélanie

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