Giant Puffball Mushrooms

These mushrooms become enormous..
This one, that has already turned green, was about the size of a basketball…


For comparison, I placed my hat on the ground for these…
They can look a bit eerie, like skulls strewn across the forest floor,
lying among the dead leaves..
a perfect effect for this spookiest time of year…
Regrettably, they were two far gone to eat..

And here are two photos of one I fried up last year
It was so large, it felt like carving a Thanksgiving Turkey…
it was delicious!

24 thoughts on “Giant Puffball Mushrooms

  1. I remember being quite shocked the first time I saw these many years ago in a clearing in a wood – they were huge! We sliced them with butter and garlic as I remember šŸ™‚

    • Oh, that would have been so good! You see, I am simply not as delightfully devious as Sister Madly. I will take this as a lesson from you!

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