The Streets Where I Live

everywhere I turn…
I am immersed…
such astonishing beauty…
exclamations of color…
impossible to fully capture…
with lens or lyrics…
[be sure to double-click on the pictures for more vibrant images]

43 thoughts on “The Streets Where I Live

  1. Beautiful images of color to wander through this morning…
    Thank you for sharing this morning…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. The colours! So luminescent. I want to say red and gold and green but those simple crayon words don’t capture the nuance. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I know! I just can’t get over it. Truly, whether walking or driving, I am constantly filled with awe and gratitude. Thank you, Debra!

  3. I so appreciate your gifting us with your passion for Nature ~ it is felt most beautifully and I expect that it is through your seeing it that it responds so brilliantly

  4. Beautiful pictures.. thank goodness fall comes so colorfully, to slowly wean us from the beauty and warmth of spring and summer into the cold, dreary colorless winter (brrr.. thank goodness for soup and hot drinks!). Then to begin it all over again. Thanks for the post. 🙂

    • Lovely comment, Laura. Thank you! With all the endurance sports that you’ve engaged in, have you tried cross-country skiing? It will transform your experience of winter! It can be so glorious, gliding through the winter woods upon the snow, basking in your own warmth as you travel through the cold…

  5. I love the color of leaves in the fall, too. Never saw them in person until I was 45 years old and we moved north to where there were lots of maples. Photos simply do not do the experience of fall leaves justice, compared to the experience of them in person. In person, the colors are stunning to the eye, as if they are lit up by an electric light or on fire.

    Thank you, Cnawan, for your wonderful photo musings on Nature and the beauty of this world. Which many miss as they focus on their way to work and other activities. Your beautiful photos and commentary remind us to slow down and watch the scenery passing by on our journey through life. Wise advice.

    As life is the journey, not the destination.


  6. Glorious autumn jewels of vibrant hue. Thank you for the reminder of how magical autumn is.
    Of the many things I miss from my old home this is one which is easily understood. Such marvellous colours unlock the mind’s eye and imagination. I appreciate the awakened senses, the smells and sounds of autumn.
    Beautiful …simply beautiful.

    • Too funny! One trusts that one spends more time admiring their beauty than laboring over the aftermath. Thanks for the comment!

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