Autumn Lake ~ Day 44

gracefully the trees shed their summer cloaks
surrendering all outer life, to go deep within
as the dark nights lengthen, the season of frost settles
and the wind blows cold
while we don our winter coats
preserving our hot-blooded lives
yet still the dark and the cold and the wind
coax us to turn inward
deep into the roots of our being

4 thoughts on “Autumn Lake ~ Day 44

  1. Wow! You so nailed it. Where I live, the deer have also donned their winter coats. As if overnight, their coats change from soft golden beige to dark brown.

    It is indeed the season for “turning within”.

  2. I love seeing the changes in these scenes by the water. The willows on the ends are still holding up the picture, the reds and golds and oranges having faded and gone to compost. How beautiful are the colors of the autumn, yet no more so than the dwindling of color as in these pictures. Thank you.

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