Snow artist has the Alps as his canvas


“Simon Beck is inspired by any fresh blanket of snow, and produces his intricate masterpieces by jogging through deep powder on snowshoes.

His canvas is as vast as the Alps because it is the Alps, and his primary tools are a vivid imagination, a compass, and a pair of snowshoes.

Beck, who this week released a book titled “Simon Beck: Snow Art,” has been honing this unusual craft for about 10 years. Working mostly at night with a headlamp, he generally produces about 30 snow drawings a year.”

His work is so stunning.   Calls to mind other Environmental Art that naturally dissolves or disappears over time.  Love the ephemeral aspect of these artists’ creations; it’s so in alignment with the constant flux of nature.   The only constant is change.

Can’t wait for winter sports!

20 thoughts on “Snow artist has the Alps as his canvas

    • That is such a good point ~ creating them at night ~ indeed, mystical! One can imagine nights with the snow illuminated by the moon, and other nights just the stars overhead.

      Once, while snowshoeing in the pitch dark of the Boundary Water Wilderness, the stars were so brilliant that our shadows were being cast upon the white blanket of snow simply from star shine.

    • Oh, that is so wonderful…love that extension to us as being ephemeral works of natural art. A question arises ~ how much of that is “performance art”, and how much is a “still life”? Back to the theme of doing and being…Thanks Pam!!!

    • Yes, such a gift. And patience, indeed. One can only imagine the reaction of people coming across his designs in the middle of the mountains.

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