Autumn Lake ~ Day 49

Just another story of Tropic meets Arctic

An air mass of the Pacific flows far north, infiltrates the Arctic, displaces the air mass of the Arctic, which flows south displacing the Temperate air mass over North America. Meanwhile, another Tropical air mass, originating in the Gulf of Mexico, flows north and encounters the errant Arctic air; the Tropical air flows over that colder, denser air, and, cooling as it rises, it can no longer hold the moister that it contains, which condensates as snow.

What subtle and far-off forces affect our lives.  However we may seek to be of temperate nature, events that originate outside our hemisphere of influence will converge and precipitate their effects upon us. Our ability to hold steady our internal barometric pressure, no matter the external high or low pressure systems that we find ourselves immersed in,  is of course the measure of how well we’ve weathered the storm.

11 thoughts on “Autumn Lake ~ Day 49

  1. I can weather the storm just fine. My internal barometer is still set for the north, perhaps the reason I fluctuate wildly in the south?!
    Oh for a winter wonderland for Christmas. Snowmen who are real, just poor souls out in the weather trying to get from place to place.
    Life can be strange. Stay warm.
    Blessings Susan 💖

  2. Love your explanation of staying “still inside” in the storm. As in other life events it is not difficult unless “we say so”. Great to come in and say Hi Cnawan! Separating thought from Awareness of our creations is so freeing! Always love your DEPTH!

  3. Gee, out here in California we are having what I call summerfall. Looks like you all are having winterfall.

    Sometimes I miss the snow. But not quite this early in the season.

    It’s lovely though!

    • It is beautiful. I love winter more than most people…love the snow and winter sports, but even for me this long stretch of unseasonably cold weather is rather wearing…. like two weeks of 20+ degree weather before thanksgiving…pretty outrageous

      I REALLY like those words you’ve coined…summerfall, winterfall…..winterspring also sounds quite lovely

  4. “What subtle and far-off forces affect our lives.” This line just captivates me. Sometimes I feel that these forces are much stronger in their effect than we give them credit for (or even acknowledge). I have sought to be temperate my entire life….it seems that I was born with fire in my bones. 🙂 One of the advantages of aging has been that this fire has been somewhat banked, both my age and my own will power. Perhaps in my next life I will not (have to) be temperate at all.

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