Nature Is Speaking

This video makes such a powerful statement. And it is so true. Such a beautiful and majestic home we have. We are at risk of being evicted from Eden once more. The first time, eating from the tree of knowledge, we stepped out of unconsciousness connection to conscious individuation – which allowed for the experience of separation and alienation. This time it will result from not partaking of the tree of life – which allows for consciously remembering  and experiencing that we are connected to all things. As Orson Wells said, “History is a race between education and catastrophe”. And, as Eckhart Tolle said, humans represent Consciousness becoming conscious of itself. If we trust that everything is unfolding as it should, then we trust that Consciousness will win the race. With that trust, can we put aside the dread for the nightmare of where we seem to be heading, and embrace the dream of our highest destiny? Nature is in our nature. Let’s nurture that.

Thank you, Tania, for sharing this remarkable video.

Tania Marie

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