Chin Mudra Portal


Chin Mudra – psychic gesture of consciousness.

The tip of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger, palm faces down.


The middle finger, ring, and little finger represent the three qualities of all of nature – the Three Gunas:
* the middle finger = sattva ~ beingness, purity, wisdom and true understanding,
* the ring finger = rajas ~ action, passion and movement
* the little finger = tamas ~ inertia, lethargy and darkness


These three major guṇas are also construed as the fundamental operating principles or ‘tendencies’ of prakṛti ~ universal nature.
* Sattava = Creation
* Rajas = Preservation
* Tamas = destruction/transformation
The entire universe and the process of evolution is carried out by these three major gunas.


Embrace the evolutionary process…. the impulse to create from the wisdom of one’s pure being, the impulse to love and actively maintain that which has been created, and the impulse to destroy, surrender, or transform that creation, leading to greater wisdom and the impulse create anew…

Enter the portal… 


8 thoughts on “Chin Mudra Portal

  1. Wow, Thank you for this, I sat down at the computer and immediately felt completely out of sorts. . closed it, took a few breaths and opened it and your email. . . .

    Creation ~ ~ Preservation ~ ~ and Destruction

    all happening within at this moment.
    Reading this really allowed me to place my awareness on these energies and now there is a sense of more flow, although all three are still there, there is less resistance and an allowance of what is. What a gift!
    Happy Holy ~ Days Cnawan,

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this, Suzanne! It has come as a powerful message to me, so very gratifying that it speaks to others as well. Warm blessings! Cnawan

  2. Namaste, Cnawan! This blog tickles my divine core and made me smile!
    We have been blessed with several days of rain here in SoCal. Actually was woken up by the sound of thunder and a rare flash of lightening @ 3 a.m. :o)
    Wishing you much love and many blessings!

    • Becca, so nice to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed the thunder, lightning, and rain. So, explain yourself…why did this tickle you so?

    • Indeed, my dear Sister, indeed. If ever I so offended the tree spirits that they signaled me with vulgar gestures, or lobbed their fruits at me, a’ la Wizard of Oz, it would be a low point in my life. Though I imagine you get that sort of treatment with some frequency?

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