20 thoughts on “Tortoise Helps A Friend in Need

  1. there have been a few of these tortoise friends assisting one another videos and it never tires to see more. i also really love all the videos of inter-species relating where two completely different species become best friends, help one another, mothers from one species adopt a baby from another species, etc. i love how the souls in animal bodies are constantly demonstrating to souls in human bodies, the fundamentals of kindness, helping one another, working together in unity, and unconditional love and compassion. nature and the nature within each of us is reflecting and communicating what people seek in answer. the key is to listen and apply the message received. thank you for sharing this…reminds me of my precious tortoise, gaia.

    • Thank you, Tania, for sharing those lovely thoughts. Your sentiments echo my own. I saw something the other day, in which a dog comforted a deer that was tangled in a barbwire fence, until the deer could be freed. Such a stunning example.

      Yes, as soon as I saw this, your posts about Gaia came to mind, so shared this with you and her in mind. Glad you liked it!

    • I agree – it is beautiful. I was amazed too. Conventional perception is that the reptilian brain of tortoises aren’t developed or complex enough to have the capacity to be aware of another’s plight – clearly this is not true…

    • 🙂 When one’s world is turned upside down, it’s wonderful to have a friend help one get one’s feet back on the ground. Thank you for all the smiles you’ve given me – glad I could give you one back! 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve read of a study done that showed that 6 month old infants can tell the difference between an adult dropping something on the floor and an adult placing something on the floor. In the former case, the infant will crawl over and help the adult by picking up the item. In the latter case, the infant won’t react by assisting. Altruism at 6 months of age, it is a beautiful, reassuring, and uplifting thing…

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