Breathing Into The Sun

Since the darkest of nights
the sun has not shone
overcast days
for overcast hearts
when at last the pale shroud lifts
that first ray of hope pierces the sky
as sifting through the ash
a glowing coal resurrected
from the bon fire of surrender
the sun emerges embryonic
from the womb of the earth
breathe into the spark
of one’s own inner sun
kindle this ember
coax it to waken
breath after breath
it burns brighter and brighter
breath after breath
it burns brighter and brighter

24 thoughts on “Breathing Into The Sun

  1. Cnawan – Thank you for being up for all or part of the night and taking these pictures. Otherwise, I would not see such an amazing and beautiful sight. Thank you for sharing this, and for the message of imbibing our own glorious sunlight, and spreading it to the world. peace, mari

  2. “as sifting through the ash, a glowing coal resurrected”… If we only remember ourselves enough to sift before the glowing coals are no more. Beautiful Cnawan! It is this sort of poetry that encourages me to sift anew.

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