Guardian of the Forest


This sculpture, “Guardian of the Forest” stands in a remote corner of the northwoods of Wisconsin; it was built by my nephew Justin in 2005.  He was then 24 years of age.

Justin created the sculpture primarily out of found objects – mainly culverts, he says – execept for 3 pieces that he crafted himself ~ the sword and neck piece are made of stainless steel and the spiked ring star is made of brass.

18 thoughts on “Guardian of the Forest

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment! And yes, it does speak volumes. I’ll be sure to have him read your words.

  1. Wow, amazing detail and movement in that sculpture! As you know, Wisconsin is my home territory, so I well know how inspiring the forests are up there — critical to preserve by any means necessary (including magic — or at least art!)

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