Butterfly Blessings


This butterfly was repeatedly drawn to my great niece, Sienna.  Though, “great” doesn’t really do her justice, for she is actually very awesome!

As many times as she gently placed the butterfly on a plant, it would find it’s way back to her.  It was very magical. They were quite enamored with each other.

As best I can tell, this is a “Silvery Checkerspot”, but if there is someone more wise in the ways of butterflies than I, please let me know if it is something different.

If I may boast a bit about my niece…she has the most beautiful and amazing singing voice.  Sometimes I think she will become a pop star. Other times I think she might become an opera singer.  Other times I think she might become a blues singer, because she can already bend a blue note like nobody’s business.


16 thoughts on “Butterfly Blessings

  1. What a beautiful butterfly blessing for Sienna and a beautiful Sienna blessing for the butterfly. Transformational. Very sweet. She sounds wonderful. A nature lover and a singer. Thanks for sharing.

      • OH yes and her’s were shiny and have sparkles! I love that about children! She a sweetie! I’m impressed about the butterfly! I’m always running the yard chasing them! She’s defiantly has something they are attracted to! 😀 😀

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