Dream Lion


I don’t usually blog about my dreams, but as I was dreaming last night I said to myself in the dream, “I’ve got to post this on my blog.”   So I guess I must.

In the dream it’s night-time and I’m driving my car through an unknown city, but in that dream consciousness it was familiar, my home.   There is a woman sitting in the passenger seat  next to me.  Again, unknown but very familiar.

As we’re driving, we notice on a side street this huge, looming shape lurking in shadows – immediately recognizable as the silhoutte of a male, African Lion.  There was no fear in the recognition, just a realization that the world had changed, and the presence of lions was now to be expected.

The lion leapt out of the shadows and ran in front of the car, illuminated in the darkness by the headlights.  The lion was bigger than life, and the very image of power and strength and grace and ferocity.   I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a picture of it (much like the picture above).

In a moment the lion was gone, disappearing down the darkness of another street.  As I looked at the picture on my phone, I was filled with awe for how magnificent the lion was, and there was again the awareness that lions would now be a permanent feature in the landscape.  But it was still a new enough occurrence that I marveled at this change.  And this is when I said to myself, “I’ve got to post this on my blog.”

37 thoughts on “Dream Lion

  1. Wow, what a powerful dream! Sounds like a deep balancing of male/female energy within you and a new birth of the same on the planet. I sure hope that is true. Seems so absent in the world today, though growing.

    I have begun reading through some of your older posts here and there , checking out the categories. Seems we have a lot in common. I take people on spiritual journeys in Nature too, and take myself on them as well quite often. We both enjoy taking photographs in Nature and have a deep love of Her.

    I like your blog a lot, and intend to wander around in your piece of heaven (Minnesota?) , leaving tracks from time to time.

    Take care, Cnawan.


    • Thank you again, Mary. I can’t attest to anything, but I share your hopes. I also immensely enjoy your blog – yes, seems like we have a great deal in common. Also, I’m so jealous of the header picture you have on your blog. It captures your spirit and earthiness so well! If you ever make it to Minnesota I’d love to show you around. Warm blessings, Cnawan

  2. thank you for sharing your dream this time 🙂 i agree with my dear mary about the balancing of male and female within and without, and also that the lion is reflecting your own magnificence to embrace. ❤

  3. Wow, great dream.

    Very synchronous to see this post at the top of my email this morning. Yesterday morning, the Lion People beings were very much in my awareness.

    Thank you for sharing and many blessings to you.

  4. Amazing! And really in line with astrology this summer. Venus is about to leave Leo and station retrograde. Not to mention the upcoming Jupiter and Venus in Leo. I think this is a very powerful omen for you – perhaps a huge burst of creativity, a new lease of life? Thank you for sharing.

    • The astrological connection is quite fascinating… kinda raises the import of the dream up another level. I truly hope that you’re correct about it significance for me, as I have been rather lost for a time. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, SR!

  5. I wonder sometimes when we say to ourselves in a dream I need to remember this or in your case post this if it isn’t like a maybe prophecy. I can’t think of the word I want to use so that one will have to do. I once had a dream that was much like this in 2000 that I remembered and even had a therapist that was working through my dreams because I struggle with insomnia. But the oddest thing is this dream came true. It wasn’t a good one in fact quite painful but very much needed. So I’m just wondering if your dream was something like mine that it actually happened. I like to read about people’s dreams.
    My dream therapist always said that these dreams mean something when you remember them with great detail. Mostly it is about you. I will share my dream with you one day! I just wanted to stop by when I saw your post! Hope you have a wonderful day! Wonderful dream and photo! 😀

    • It is very striking the range of types and range of significance that dreams can have. From the absurd to the profound, from elucidation to enlightening to prophetic. I agree, when we give ourselves specific instructions within a dream, it’s good to consider that leading seriously, even if our waking self decides otherwise. Thanks for commenting, Michelle!

  6. Thanks for sharing your dream. I have spent all my incarnations working to shift this planet fully into the light and end the rule of the dark elite who have kept it enslaved. We are poised on the edge of that transformation now. Perhaps in that new world lions will roam peacefully free just as your full power will be free as well.

  7. Very interesting! I had a dream about a leopard two weeks ago, and it struck me as really odd because nothing in my life has anything vaguely wild cat like in it. Looked it up, and the meaning is also very interesting. Had such an impact on me I’ve got a zentangle going on. Did you google the meaning Cnawan?

    • The big cats are making themselves known! Thus far I haven’t looked up the meaning – have wanted to see what comes to me intuitvely, and see what others would be prompted to share. Both have been very fruitful. But, I do need to look it up, as I’m sure that will add additional dimension. Good to know that your cat encounter has had such significance!

  8. Hello my friend! I have just been flipping though WP as I haven’t the emotional energy for much else right now, but I must say I read this post and it was like another gift to me! 🙂 How energising! How empowering! How awesome! It makes me wonder what amazing powers you are starting to fully realise and accept in yourself, as you step into your own majesty and grace. Indeed, your inner landscape is such that you must accept the appearance of lions as the norm. No longer for you thoughts or feelings caged in fear, constrained by the confines of domestcity or compromise. It seems to me (in my humble opinion, for what do I know, really?) that the boundaries of a life lived with the pretense of civilisation and all the trappingsthat come with it are at last falling away, and your own true wild power is now free to roam… and to inspire all those who behold it – as I have. Many blessings to you my wild maned friend x

    • Amy, High Priestess of the Dream Well….I’d been waiting for you to weigh in on this! Thank you so much. Though I am bit overwhelmed by your response – but I’ll do my best to take it all in. Might have to re-read daily for a while. 🙂 Thanks again!

  9. Have you been thinking about the recent global outrage for that beautiful lion in captivity that was so wretchedly hunted? Perhaps, in addition to all the spiritual offerings above, he has played on your mind, a little, too?

    • Yes, very much. It was very striking to me that I had this dream after Cecil had been killed, but 10 days before his death was announced. So I had no knowledge of him or his death when I had this dream. I also eventually found out that the office of the man who killed him was just 10 minutes straight south of my office here in the twin cities. I’ve thought a lot about the significance of everything, but just briefly allude to that significance in my subsequent post, “Entering the Lion’s Gate”. Thanks so much for your comment, Isabel.

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