The Lion Whisperer

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Continuing to explore the Lion energy…. Here is a very fascinating, and very troubling, news report.

Much to ponder here, but one bit of the natural history of African Lions that is mentioned that stood out to me – they are the only cat that is truly social.    For most cats, the male is solitary except during mating season; and once the young have matured, they and the mother part company as well.  Thus, a “Pride of Lions” is a unique social structure in the feline family.   (I once read that brother cheetahs will sometimes live and hunt as a team – though this is not the same as being fully social.)

6 thoughts on “The Lion Whisperer

  1. I was interested in what he said about showing fear or pulling away would cause the lions to increase the force of their bite. I know this might sound kind of odd but isn’t that like total surrender on his part? He is surrendered to fear and in total trust with these lions! I thought that part was very interesting! I’ve been working on this personally so that is what spoke to me! I don’t know what that means but I’m sure it will come to me!
    I was thinking about your dream the other day! You ponder much I think! 😄

  2. Lions are so incredibly beautiful. For me they represent strength and courage. I love the part in the video about how they would rather walk away from a fight than engage. Not fear so much as courageous peace. This reminds me to stop and think before saying something impulsively or recklessly that I later wish I would not have said.
    I love what Michelle said about the surrender and trust.
    Their physical strength is mammoth, but their emotional strength is equal. Like you said – the only truly social cat.
    I am so disturbed by the canned hunting. I can hardly bear it – along with so many other disturbing ways we treat animals. It hurts me that people are so lacking in goodness when it comes to animals – especially wildlife. We are losing species so fast. Nobody seems to notice.
    Lions remind me to be courageous about all of this, and to act where I can, but surrender to that of which I have no control.
    Lion energy seems like a strong energy to have come into your dream. I will be interested to see how it manifests in your life. Your profile picture looks like this lion energy entered your life a long time ago.
    Peace Cnawan

    • Mary, thank you for such a thoughtful and insightful comment. Gives me much to reflect upon. Yes, I think the lion energy has long been with me, but more as a latent energy – and the dream suggests that it’s time for it come out of the shadows and be recognized for what it is…

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