Rise & Shine







This Hummingbird greeted me on the sidewalk on my way home:


The mysteries of the Hummingbird –

Never flapping their wings, but rotating them in a figure 8,

they reach near-infinities in flight –

Wingbeats of 70 times per second when casually flitting about.

Wingbeats of 200 times per second when in a high-speed dive.

Drinking of the nectar of life.

Heartbeats beating for joy 21 times per second.

8 thoughts on “Rise & Shine

  1. We are having rain here this morning… beautiful. But I will rely on your photographs to get a visual of sunrise today… perhaps our rain clouds will break away after a bit! I am hoping to find time to write about a hummingbird banding that I attended last weekend at the home of a friend in a nearby town. One of the professors who was doing the banding was kind enough to take time to explain much about hummingbirds and what they hoped to learn from banding. It was an amazing experience!

    • You raise an interesting truth – The Sun is always shining somewhere! The hummingbird banding must have been fascinating – looking foward to reading your post about it!!!

  2. On my recent trip to St. Lucia I attempted a few early mornings to catch the sunrise. Even though the island is in the same time zone (EST) the sun rose so early it was difficult to drag my vacationing behind out of bed. I was hoping to capture some amazing pictures. Unfortunately the morning mist kept the sunrise muted. Guess I need to start setting my alarm clock! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    • Sometimes the gift is to be found in the deep of the night, rather than the break of day. I trust your late nights on vacation were well spent!

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