First Hints of Fall


Though we are weeks away from the true beginning of Autumn and the change in weather, there are always foreshadowings that occur long before the season arrives.

The honking of Canada Geese from overhead – small family flocks, this year’s hatchlings, flying for the first time.  Preparing for their long migration to come.

Acorns, (the Oak-Corn) falling to the ground, which everyone associates with Autumn, actually happens in late August each year, and has already begun.

Also in August, invariably to my recollection, we suddenly have a spat of very cool, fall-like weather, right in the midst of the heat of late summer.  Which we just experienced these last two days.

And this cool spell casts a spell upon certain of the trees, coaxing them to scatter a few yellowed leaves upon the ground.

Thoreau said:  “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, but eternity remains.”

We are awash in the constant flow.  In the ticking of the clock. In the earth’s incremental journey around the sun.  In the joy of watching children grow up.  In the aging of our own bodies.  And yet each moment speaks to us of eternity.








12 thoughts on “First Hints of Fall

  1. and synchronously i was craving acorn squash and baked some last evening for dinner…mmmmmouthing-watering…perfectly tender with some coconut oil, crushed ground black pepper and iceland lava salt. i was thinking to myself that autumn was already making her entrance known, as i ate it and that shifts in seasons are beckoning us to flow with them.

    • Don’t know how it is that I’ve been lucky enough to get “synchronized” with you, but it is a constant source of wonder and joy. ps ~ please mail me your leftovers – that sounds delicious.

  2. Yes, it feels like fall here too. The asters are in full bloom, which is always my first sign, as the robin is the first sign of spring. Beautiful post. Love the image and words, especially the last paragraph. Happy early Autumn, Cnawan.

    • Thanks, Mary! Yes, I love the fall blossoms too – asters, goldenrod, cone flowers – so beautiful. In crossword puzzles they use the pun “late bloomers” as a clue for Asters. Have always enjoyed that play on words.

  3. We are beginning to see and feel the change of season here too. I am awaiting the first gossamer floating across the open pasture… then I know that autumn has truly arrived, I noticed yesterday that Daisy deer’s winter coat is beginning to emerge – dark blue/brown hair, and her red summer coat is falling out in patches. She’s sort of a calico mix right now! I think fall and winter will arrive a bit earlier than usual this year.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the signs you’re encountering, Lori. I love all these little intimations that the season is changing. Again, we are in a constant state of flux. Love the gossamer strands floating through the air – so serene. Interesting prediction – I’ll see how that stacks up against with what the Old Farmer’s Almanac has to say, and the El Nino forecast!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!! While reading it, I felt a surge of deep joy and thrill venture through me thinking of the impending Fall! I love how there are little signs of Fall scattered about in the midst of Summer! This is a beautiful photo! ❤

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