A Matter of Perspective

Through the same aperture

one can cast their eyes upon the ground

or lift them to the sky


Through the same aperture
one can glimpse another’s outer illumination


or look directly into their sun


it’s all in the eye of the beholder


6 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective

  1. Really beautiful exploration of seeing the same unity from different angles…and how much standing in a different place can change what we see, although it always remains fundamentally the same.

  2. Your pictures are stunning! I love photography and want to learn more about it. The two pictures where it feels like looking up into the daylight are so soothing and calming just to look at. I feel like I’m there in a cool darkness looking up into the warm light. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s great when a person can provoke the reader/viewer to feel as if we are really right there.

    • Remarkable how well you were able to place yourself into the experience. It was very soothing, while I was in the midst of some internal distress. I felt quite blessed to be brought to this natural artifact that served me as a personal observatory. Thanks for your comments!

  3. I especially love the photos that look out from the inner sanctum to the daylight above. For me personally, the inside space feels comforting and safe, as if a cocoon. Yet I often find myself curious about the outer world. These are brilliant photographs where the many aspects of an object cause us to reflect on life as we live it – both as observers from within ourselves and to embrace what surrounds us.

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