And This Little Library….



Has Poems!!!

So gracious of them!

Waiting to open the gift…

The Unfurling…


The Discovery…


And, on the next block down, from this Little Library…

I found this…
~ “sailing under the constellation of the horse”…

28 thoughts on “And This Little Library….

  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    I love this post, too! January 2016 has felt like writing poetry — sometimes struggling to find the right words to express the inexpressible, sometimes soaring on a crisp idea, then plunging into meter, overwhelmed by natural rhythm.

    An unpredictable month so far … yet somehow feeling like it could not be otherwise. Thank you, Cnawan!

    • Yes, such a communitarian endeavor. Though more of an urban phenomenon than a suburban one. There are dozens and dozens of them in south Minneapolis alone. Hey – did you ever pick up a copy of “Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek” by Annie Dillard?

      • Yes, and it took me a while to read it. I found myself really thinking about the visuals created in the writing, and also being drawn into the emotional and rather harsh aspects of nature. It just took time to read it well. In that same post someone suggested reading A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopoldo, which I also enjoyed very much!

        • Two of my favorite books. So pleased that you read them – seem like “must reads” for someone like yourself. So interesting that you mention the visuals, and emotional aspects of nature, relative to Dillard’s book. Am I off-base in saying that she has a decidedly feminine approach to nature writing?

          • I would agree with you about her feminine approach in writing, but I would also say that I do not know many women who would enjoy her sometimes graphic observations. I enjoyed her writing because I understand that nature can be brutal and am not abhorred, rather, I am present as an observer to learn or glean something. What was difficult for me mostly was that I had to slow down my reading to deeply understand. Dillard gives excellent sensory description… And for me to be able to get a feel for the content, I had to shut down everything around me and be there, in that moment. That goes for VERY slow reading. It was a good lesson in patience!!

            • So nicely said. She is a remarkable writer. And I have encountered other books like that – compelled to slow down in order to really immerse oneself and experience the richness of the writing – so deeply rewarding, but yes, and an exercise in patience. Thanks for chatting! Happy New Year, to you, Lori.

  2. The Little Libraries are popping up all over Toronto. I’m planning to set one up here, at my home. In the meantime, I have a couple of books to donate to the one around the corner. Very neat poem by Tony Hoagland that you have shared. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Resa. I really love the poem that I drew. Interesting to know that the LL’s in Canada as well. Again, make sure you post pictures when you put yours up!

  3. I saw a little library “mailbox” also in our neighbourhood. Is it a common thing in Minneapolis? How sweet and adorable. I love the poem, what a great idea to brighten someone’s day 🙂 And happy reading 🙂

    • They are “sweet and adorable”. 🙂 There are dozens and dozens in south Minneapolis, depending upon which neighborhood you’re in. Yes, I’m very much loving the poem.

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