Equinox Sunrise















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For perhaps  18 years now, I have been conducting sunrise vigils on the Holy Days of the Earth, the Solstices and Equinoxes. For about 13 of those years I have been coming to this particular hilltop from which the pictures above were taken. As you can see, this vantage point offers a most spectacular view across the Minnesota landscape of prairie, woods, and lakes. The land itself is not quite public, which is to say that my pilgrimages here would be considered by some (most) people to be trespassing.

The land to the west of the hill is a residential area comprised of rather lovely homes on winding lanes. Years ago, on my second trip here, I had forgotten to look at a map before hand, and so I managed to get lost in the maze of streets as I looked for the lane where the trail began up the hill.

As I wandered about in my car, a dutiful police officer took note of my rather suspicious activity in the pre-dawn darkness and pulled me over. As he shown his flashlight upon my outdoorsy albeit rather scruffy appearance, he politely inquired if I lived in the neighborhood, and if not, what was that I was up to, driving so slowly up and down the streets at this hour of the morning. I explained matter-of-factly that it was the summer solstice and I was wanting to observe the sunrise from the top of the hill, but I couldn’t locate the cul-de-sac where a trail began.

With a rather blank expression upon his face, he studied me for a moment, scanned the interior of my vehicle with his flashlight, taking note of the mountain bike stashed unceremoniously in the back. Looked at me again, and said, “I think I know the one you mean. Follow me.” It turns out he did know the one, and within 3 minutes I was at the exact parking spot I had been looking for. So, with the aid the police officer I was able to carry out the trespassing that I had been plotting.

Since then, I have been up the hill many, many times, and know exactly how to get to the parking spot. And while I no longer require a police escort to get to my ritual site, each time I park outside one of the fine homes and wander up the trail, I wonder if another inquisitive officer might not be waiting for me when I come back down.



25 thoughts on “Equinox Sunrise

    • Yes, I just think that guy was a remarkable human being. He had every right to be suspicious and question me further, but despite the alienating nature of his job, he was able to put aside any jadedness and recognize my earnestness. I love telling that story. Very glad that you liked the post! Happy Equinox!

      • I’ve met some wonderful police officers throughout my life. They normally approach me with little knick knacks in kind gestures; like a fake police badge or to greet my daughter. She has always been fascinated by police officers. So I find it awesome when they walk up to talk to her out the blow, because I know she gets pure joy from it. Happy Equinox!

        • Clearly, you have good law enforcement karma! 🙂 And how interesting about your daughter’s facination and apparent magnetisim… Thanks for sharing!

  1. Beautiful sunrise! I love how the reflected color goes across the water. I’m glad that officer was so nice and helpful. May you always have access to that special spot. Happy Equinox, Cnawan.

    • I felt so blessed to behold it, Mary. I agree, the color reflected on the water is just the final touch. The officer could have responded in any of a number of other ways. It says so much about him that he responded as he did. Hope your Equinox is also filled with beauty! Cnawan.

  2. Thanks Cnawan. Yes! You never know how officers will respond. The last time I got pulled over for speeding, I was so nervous I couldn’t find my registration or insurance. I think he felt sorry for me and let me go. I told him he was an angel and he got all embarrassed, but I felt that in the moment. He was so nice to me! Sad that is such a surprise. I always expect the worst…or I used to.

      • Hahaha! Right, well…that would be embarrassing. I kept saying, “no really, I KNOW I have these papers!” He kept saying, really mam, you came up clean. You can go. He had asked why I was going so fast and I said because I’m and idiot and was singing to this music, and….
        Poor guy.

  3. I can never get enough of looking at both the real thing and the photographs like these! Thank you very much for sharing them, and for sharing the story alongside them,

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