Creating My Own Reality ~ My Writing Sadhana

Creating My Own Reality
My Writing Sadhana

October 6, 2014
Day #1

Well, it worked once before, so I’m going to try it again, for it seems that making (semi) public declaration of my intentions is a great help to me in carrying out those intentions.

Just as on April 5th when I was led to commit to my Sunrise Sadhana while on a walk along Lake Harriet, and to carry that through to the Summer Solstice,
today, on October 6th, I felt led to commit to my Writing Sadhana while on a walk along Lake Harriet and to carry that through to the Winter Solstice.

My first Sadhana, beginning in early Spring, lasted 78 days.
This Sadhana, beginning in early Autumn, shall last 77 days.

In April I was in the cusp between personal circumstances.
Now, in October, I am once again in the cusp between personal circumstances.

The symmetry of the experiences and time frames lends a comfortable confirmation that a commitment to another Sadhana is once again Spirit led, and the right thing to do.  The first was carried out with dedication and lead to success unimagined, so I trust that a similar experience lies before me.

While my Sunrise Sadhana had the relatively simple requirement that I rise before the Sun and take a walk – though I quite unexpectedly began writing about whatever random event the universe had orchestrated for me that morning, this Sadhana will require a bit more discipline, in actually writing an ongoing story. A novel. Blogging about randomly orchestrated stuff does not count. I trust that the disciple gained in the first exercise will assist me in this second exercise.

So the title “Creating My Own Reality” has two meanings (at least). One – the reality that I will create in the novel. And two – the personal reality that I will create – that being the experience of being a practicing writer. Rather than a chronicler of randomly orchestrated stuff. Another reality occurs to me that I could also be creating through this, the potential of being a published author at its conclusion, and how that could be a life-changing, reality creating development.

The commitment:
Each morning, to rise early before the responsibilities of life take charge, and spend an hour writing, or write a page-and-a-half, or something more than either of these.

Each evening, to spend an hour editing, or conducting research for the story, or researching the publishing industry and its many options.


11 thoughts on “Creating My Own Reality ~ My Writing Sadhana

  1. I like your idea. I find the hardest part to my writing is discipline and balance as I tend to either get lazy or over do (when it takes over my life and makes me a recluse). It is a wonderful friend but can be a harsh master.

  2. Cnawan, this is a wonderful journey you’re undertaking. I’ve long believed that the time when creation is greatest is morning. A year or so back, I discovered that almost without exception, creative types find the morning to be the best. The logic is understandable. We should spend the first 45 minutes after waking in a realm of creating – whether it is with words, paint, music or images. These are the hours in which the ego still sleeps, and there is no little voice telling us we’re not good enough, that we can’t succeed, that we’re doomed to failure. We simply are………and when we are, we are simply AMAZING! I can sit half the night chasing a solitary word, but if I put it away and retrieve it in morning light………..I find the words asleep on the page, waiting my pen to nudge them from slumber. ❤

    • Bobbie, thank you so, for sharing these thoughts. I do have to formally reboot this endeavor in a day or so, as some other factors had come into play, but your words do so much to bolster my commitment to this. Thank you so very much!!!

  3. Awesome … Discipline is a tough endeavor. Sweet blessings and support to you on this path. Thanks for posting as it helps all the rest of us taking on similar personal challenges 🙂

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