When the Fox calls your name…


Four times over the past month on my morning walks I have encountered a red fox.  Each time it has felt as though there were some import to the encounter, but in this last meeting the fox  stopped, faced me, and barked at me.  Repeatedly.   I guess I haven’t been paying attention.  And it has been impressed upon me that I should write a blog post about it.

Four sightings may not be so unusual in a rural landscape, but in the urban environment in which I walk, it feels quite striking.  I believe I must be walking near its (or their) den, and thus the multiple encounters.

As with any animal, there are various interpretations of if symbolic significance, or the energy it carries, when it comes into one’s life.   Here is one that resonates with me at this moment:


The ancient Celts considered the Fox an expert on the layout of the forest and held this particular animal in high esteem for it’s wisdom. They also relied upon the Fox with his intuitive sense of direction to be their guide on the path to the spirit world. In China the Fox has a symbolic association with the afterlife and in Persia it is thought to assist dead human spirits to move on to the next life. This connection with the mysteries of otherworldly time and space makes the Fox Amulet capable of tuning in to metaphysical energies. This can be especially useful when amulets are acquired and used for the attainment of goals, the granting of wishes or to attract love.

In reading up on the natural history of the fox, I found that it is truly an astounding animal with many characteristics worthy of note, characteristics that provide the substance behind its many various interpretations.

For me, right now, it was the fox that led me to a portal, so its function as a guide to the spirit world feels especially significant.  “Follow me”, it seemed to be calling.  And so I will….


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