Waxing and Waning

New moon

Emerging from their covert coupling
in the clear blue sky
The Moon,
only after her lover has left,
begins to show her face.

That silver arc, the bow of Artemis,
drawn, taut-passioned
flings stolen arrows of Eros,
like blowing kisses
to her departing lover.
Sorrow sweet and sublime

Each day their circuits
take them further and further
from their lovers’ sides.
Until from opposite ends of the earth
they stare back at each other
across the vacuum of space.

Then their tides turn,
And Nearer and nearer,
their circuits bring them.
Attentive to her lover,
the moon again turns her face
away from the earth.

Once more, her bow is drawn
enticing her approaching lover
with gleaming arrows
and far-flung kisses.
Yearning sweet and sublime.

Then, lost in the light of day
they mount the sky together
ride in ecstasy its length
with never a hint to the earth,
unless their love so completely align
it eclipses all below.




The Old Moon



Half an hour before the sun rises, the moon is all but ready to hide her face from us… and face only the sun…


Each month we speak of “the new moon”, that first silver sliver of an arc that appears in the western sky after the sun has set.

The moon’s arc always faces the sun, then pointing toward the departed sun.

This is always the day following “the dark of the moon”.

It  inspires new beginnings.


Never do we speak of “the old moon”, that last silver sliver of an arc that appears in the eastern sky before the sun has risen.

The moon’s arc always faces the sun, now pointing toward the approaching sun.

This is always the day preceding “the dark of the moon”.

It inspires letting go.


During the dark of the moon each month, the moon rides with the sun through the daylight sky, invisible to us, unless their alignment is so perfect that it creates an eclipse.


Dark Moon – New Moon – Full Moon – Old Moon – Dark Moon