Sin Eater II

Upon this hallowed evening
the spirit of the growing season
undertakes its timely death
with the setting of the solemn sun
and thus creates, a thinning of the veil.

Within the twilight’s glimmering
and his passage gained admittance
Jack-of-the-Lantern passes
across the threshold of the spheres.

From the nether world of shadows
to this world of blood and flesh
attend his rustling footsteps
as he treads upon the corpses
of countless fallen leaves.

As deeper grows the darkness
his lantern burns the brighter
the Sin Eater beckons all
the living and the dead.

As loathsome ghoul reviled
glowing eyes and garish smile
oft mistaken for incarnate evil
a holy calling he bears instead.

A purger of sins unrepented
he gathers with his lantern
as moths they fly from withering souls
their guilt at last surrendered.

Upon himself he takes these burdens
the cardinal and the venial
then with the sacred star shine
eerie alchemy he works
and transmutes the dross of souls.

While we now tend to celebrate the Celtic Cross-Quarter day of Samhain with Halloween, the actual mid-point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice falls somewhere between the 5th and 7th of November, being November 7th this year.
“Cross-Quarter moments are interpolated as the midway points between the Solstices and Equinoxes measured in degrees along the ecliptic. Former NASA scientist Rollin Gillespie uses this spatial method rather than simply splitting in half the time interval between a Solstice and an Equinox.”

Background info from different sources:

The term “will-o’-the-wisp” comes from “wisp”, a bundle of sticks or paper sometimes used as a torch, and the name “Will”: thus, “Will-of-the-torch”. The term jack-o’-lantern “Jack of [the] lantern” has a similar meaning.

A will-o’-the-wisp /ˌwɪl ə ðə ˈwɪsp/  are atmospheric ghost lights seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from the safe paths. The phenomenon is known by a variety of names, including jack-o’-lantern, friars’s lantern, hinkypunk, and hobby lantern in English[1] folk belief, well attested in English folklore and in much of European folklore.

There are various explanations for the Will o’ the Wisps, the most general being that they are malevolent spirits either of the dead or non-human intelligence. They have a mischievous and often malevolent nature, luring unwary travellers into dangerous situations. Wirt Sikes in his book British Goblins alludes a common story about a Welsh Will o’ the Wisp (Pwca or Ellylldan); a peasant, who is travelling home late in the evening sees a bright light travelling before him, looking closer he sees that the light is a lantern held by a “dusky little figure” which he follows for several miles, suddenly he finds himself standing on the edge of a great chasm with a roaring torrent of water rushing below him. At that moment the lantern carrier leaps across the fissure, raises the light over its head and lets out a malicious laugh, after which it blows out the light leaving the unfortunate man far from home, standing in pitch darkness at the edge of a precipice. They were not always so dangerous, and there are tales told about the Will o’ the Wisp being guardians of treasure, leading those brave enough to follow them to sure riches.

8 Sacred Directions ~ Invocation


Wheel - shield

seasons-wheelWheel of the Year

Another holy day of the Earth is upon us. For those who might like to give some ritual attention to this day, I thought I would share my personal invocation of the directions that I have developed over the years. While it is fairly idiosyncratic, it does contain some familiar refrains that others will recognize…


We invoke you, Spirit of the North

You who rules the cusp between endings and beginnings,
bless us with the gift of Conception.

In the dark of midnight,
bless us with the magic of Intention.

In the cold of Winter,
bless us with Purification.

We honor you in the feast of Yule Tide,
the Winter Solstice,
the moment when one cycle ends and another begins.

Thank you for the gift of Faith:
~ Faith that the light will return after the dark.
~ Faith that warmth will return after the cold.
~ Faith that life will return after death.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the Northeast

You who guides the unseen growth within the womb,
bless us with the gift of The Quickening.

In the Colors of the Dawn,
bless us with the gift of Expectation.

In the first hint of the Thaw,
bless us with the Promise of the new growth.

We honor you in the Feast of Imbolc,
as the days lengthen
and the gestating life kicks within the womb.

Thank you for the gift of Hope:
~ Hope that our prayers will be answered.
~ Hope that our intentions will come to pass.
~ Hope that our desires will be fulfilled.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the East 

You who attends the emergence of new life,
bless us with the gift of Birth and Rebirth.

In the golden embers of the Rising Sun,
bless us with New Beginnings.

In the blush of Spring Time,
bless us with the gift of Germination.

We honor your in the Feast of Ostara,
the Spring Equinox,
as vitality returns to the world.

Thank you for the gift of Joy:
~ Joy that the darkness has past.
~ Joy that a new day has begun.
~ Joy that our paths have become clear.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the Southeast 

You who shepherds the child,
bless us with the gift of Nurturing.

In the light of the Climbing Sun,
help us to Kindle our Desires.

In the Mild Days of Summer,
bless us with spirit of Cultivation.

We honor you in the Feast of Beltaine,
amidst playfulness and sensuality inspired by fragrant blossoms.

Thank you for the gift of Passion:
~ that we may be Passionate in living.
~ that we may be Passionate in loving.
~ that we may be Passionate in learning

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the South

You who urges the youth from the nest,
bless us with the gift of Fledging.

In the brilliance of the Sun at its Zenith,
give us with Drive to pursue our goals.

In the heat of Midsummer,
bless us with the gift of Flourishing Life.

We honor you in the Feast of Litha,
at the Summer Solstice,
at the height of the sun’s outpouring
of light and warmth and energy.

Thank you for the gift of Determination:
Determination to overcome fear.
~ Determination to overcome obstacles.
~ Determination to become who we are.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you Spirit of the Southwest

You who leads us into adulthood,
bless us with the gift of Maturation.

In the shimmer of the Afternoon Sun,
bless us with the gift of Reflection.

In the Dog Days of Summer,
bless with the gifts of First Fruits.

We honor you in the feast of Lammas,
the Loaf-Mass,
as the wheat fields are shorn
and stacked into sheaves.

Thank you for the gift of Recognition:
~ Recognition of who we are.
~ Recognition of our calling.
~ Recognition of our place in the world.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the West

You who escorts us into old age,
bless us with the gift of Elderhood.

In the glow of the Setting Sun,
bless us with the gift us Fulfillment.

In the glory of Autumn,
bless us with the gifts of the Great Harvest.

We honor you in the Feast of Mabon,
the Autumnal Equinox,
as we celebrate our Abundance.

Thank you for the gift of Wisdom:
~ Wisdom from all of that we have witnessed.
~ Wisdom from all that we have done.
~ Wisdom from all that we have been.

Aho. So may it be.


We invoke you, Spirit of the Northwest

You who ushers us unto death,
bless us with the gift of Transition.

In the dusk of Twilight,
we give our Gratitude.

In the chill of the First Frost,
bless us with the gift of Plowing Under.

We honor you in the Feast of Samhain,
as you open the Veil between the Worlds .

Thank you for the gift of Surrender:
~ Surrendering our pain.
~ Surrendering our attachments.
~ Surrendering our lives.

Aho. So may it be.


Spirit of the North

Within you the wheel of the year is complete.
Each ending is a new beginning.

Within the cusp of one cycle and the next
you bring a moment of time-out-of time
To weave our intentions
into the fabric of the future.

Aho. Aho. Aho.



Embedded within each of the invocations are 8 different cycles, all of which have correspondences with each other. Even though a cycle is a seamless continuum, there are distinct, identifiable phases during each cycle. The invocation honors those phases.

The invocations are built with a parallel structure ~ here is the order in which the 8 cycles appear in each invocation:

Directional cycle
Biological cycle
Daily cycle
Manifestation cycle
Seasonal cycle
Agricultural cycle
Holy Day / Ritual Feast cycle
Psychological/Emotional cycle

For some purposes this invocation may be too long and too formal in tone, so I invite you to have fun with with this and adapt as you see fit. Make it your own by subtracting what doesn’t resonate, and adding phrases that fit your sensibilities.

The images of the wheel of the year at top are from the following websites, which will provide more information on the wheel of the year and 8 earth rituals.