A Waltz Among the Autumn Leaves II

the surrendered dancers
coupled in nature’s rite
destined to become one
with Earth and Sun
and come to know
all the intimate seasons
of their celestial lovemaking

waking from a winter’s dream
the tender Earth yearning
for the rousing touch
of the burgeoning Sun
slowly pirouettes
within the circle
of my arms
turning all the contours
of her resplendent body
though the steady grasp
of my caressing hands
aching now
as the flush of spring
life beneath the surface
urgent to blossom

the breathless gasp
of flowers unfolding
to move through her
as slowly
as the electric Sun
on a long summer’s day
across the arching sky
drawing the folds
of every petal
at they trace the Sun’s
measured path
upon her undulating body

and then ardent autumn
at the climax of the rite
exclamations of color
vibrant intensity
pulsating through her landscape
then, once more, release
of sanguine cascade
and so the dance
begins again
hand in hand, arms encircling
play afore
the sweet surrender
* * * * *

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The Way the Earth Follows the Sun…

Earth follows the sun

Follow Spirit, the way the Earth follows the Sun…
Revolving, revolving, eternally revolving around the light,
but measuring the distance of your circumsteller orbit,
lest you forsake the fountains of living waters.

Planets wandering too far soon become frozen, barren worlds,
lose their tether of gravity, and drift into eternal darkness.
Planets wandering too near soon become scorched, barren worlds,
succumb to gravity, and meet their maker before their time.

* * *

Follow Spirit, the way the Earth follows the Sun…
Turning, turning, eternally turning upon your own axis
but gauging the duration of your days and nights,
lest you forsake the fountains of living waters.

Cycling between activity and rest,
All the facets of your life must face the light of day.
Languish too long in darkness, they wither from inattention.
Languish in too long sunshine, they wilt from over exposure.

* * *

Follow Spirit, the way the Earth follows the Sun…
Tilting, Tilting, eternally Tilting at your own dispositions
but metering the rhythm and reason of your seasons,
lest you forsake the fountains of living waters.

Inclining to the bent of your own character,
but alternating focus upon the hemispheres of your soul
for that which is left in shadow, becomes your shadow.
Balance is achieved in wheel of the year.

* * *

Follow Spirit, the way the Earth follows the Sun…
Revolve around the light in life-sustaining orbit.
Turn upon your axis, giving energy to all the facets of your life
Tilt towards the changing inclinations of your soul.
Establish your habitation upon the solar plane.


My apologies for the didactic tone of this poem; I’m not really comfortable with it. But I wanted to explore this metaphor, and this is what came out. As with my other poems, this one is still a work in progress.

My other working title was: The Habitable Zone ~ which explains the recurring refrain about water…

From Wikipedia:

In astronomy and astrobiology, the circumstellar habitable zone (CHZ) (or simply the habitable zone), colloquially known as the Goldilocks zone, is the region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces.[1][2] The bounds of the CHZ are calculated using the known requirements of Earth’s biosphere, its position in the Solar System and the amount of radiant energy it receives from the Sun. Due to the importance of liquid water to life as it exists on Earth, the nature of the CHZ and the objects within is believed to be instrumental in determining the scope and distribution of extraterrestrial life and intelligence.