The Pool of the Reflecting Heart




As our tale continues, our knight errant …




…having been bequeathed with the legendary sword of his ancestors, Shadowslayer…




… was charged with the first trial of his Quest, to slay his first shadow.




Not knowing in what vile chambers his  dark foe might be lurking, and wary of what powers it might possess,  the knight continued his wanderings. Once more he found himself drawn to the shores of the hallowed lake…




Indignant that evil would dare to defile this sacred ground, long strides he took in pursuit of his prey.  Suddenly, on an impulse that came from a source unknown, he slowed his pace to the rhythm of the lapping waters. As his footsteps kept time with the waves, and his breath merged with the breeze, it was as though a veil lifted ~ and revealed to him was the Pool of the Reflecting Heart.  Though he had trod this path many a time, never before had he seen this portal of magical powers, hidden in plain sight.




Thinking to bless his sword in the holy waters, he bent near, but when he saw his own reflection, he knew that it was not his sword, but he that must be baptized ~ that his heart must be reconciled to that of the earth, and through the earth, the entire creation, and through the creation, the Creator.


Beholding his reflection, held within the heart of the earth, held within the heart of creation, held within the heart of the Creator, he felt the heart of the Creator swell within his chest.  A searing light  infused the knight’s heart,  purged its vile chambers, and vanquished the dark foe that lurked therein.  And so it was that his first shadow was slain, the first trial of his Quest complete.


: )