Here there be Dragons






Our knight-errant…



In the course of continuing his Quest, was led by the gleam of the rising sun to Dragon Gate…



For three days and three nights he readied himself to journey though the gateway.

When finally prepared, he let go his physical being and his  disembodied soul entered the portal, and traveled through the winding passages of wyrm holes.  Soon he found himself, not in a den of a solitary dragon, but within a dragons’ lair holding dozens of the creatures.


Uncertain of his purpose, he carefully snaked his way through the throngs of snarling beasts.   There, a young dragonling befriended him..



With its aid, other dragons the knight met,  and then was flown to the heavens, for an audience with, Draco, Lord of the Dragons..




And there what transpired cannot be told in the tongues of men.



: )